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    Welcome to (PTS) Payampersa Translation System. PTS has two main activities.

    1) Translations services from English to Persian and Persian to English

    2) Translation courses in four terms

  • Translation 1

    Translation 1

    The Principles and Methodology of Translation 1
    This course focuses on the study principles and methodology of translation. It aims to introduce the students the ABC’s of translation as well as to provide them with an overview of the basic theories, skills and techniques of translation. Upon going through the hints and exercises provided, the students will acquire the basic techniques of translation which will enable them to translate texts of medium complexity. As a matter of fact, I am to try my hand at combining theory and practice throughout the course. In addition to studying the theoretical constructs of translation, the students will learn about the characteristics of different translating methods and techniques, and the qualities of a good translator. The hints and exercises have been proposed in order to explain the translation process and have aimed to establish principles and procedures of good translation practice. Experience has taught me that, in translating, nobody can speak with an air of finality; therefore, no key section is attached. Moreover translating is a sort of problem solving and enjoys a unique flavor of challenge which can be spoiled by a key to exercises.

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  • Translation 2

    Translation 2

    The Principles and Methodology of Translation 2

    Human beings live in a social world and interaction is at the heart of human society with language being the tool for this interaction and communication. In a world marked by globalization and global communication, there is a deeply-felt need for mutual understanding among people of diverse cultures and languages. In the absence of a common universal language for all, this very need is met by translation. Translation plays a fundamental role in exchanging views and information between languages. Thus, translation coexists with communication and language, and various societies need translation for communication purposes. This course aims at providing a thorough background of the practical translation skills, theories and areas, as well as a discussion on the current issues and future perspectives. This course familiarizes the students with a comprehensive view of translation and current issues of interest in translation.

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  • Translation 3

    Translation 3

    The Principles and Methodology of Translation 3

    Publish or perish’ is a well-established adage in translation and academia. Never has the pressure on academics to translate and publish been greater. Yet the prospect of translation and writing a book can seem daunting, while the business of getting it published may be mystifying. Written by an expert in academic publishing, this course provides a practical guide to both translating and writing and getting published. It covers all stages of academic authorship from developing the initial idea for a book through to post-publication issues, showing how to avoid the common pitfalls and achieve academic and professional success through publication. Full of real-life examples, including a sample book proposal, the book covers everything you need to know to build up an authorial career. This course is an invaluable guide for translation students and academic authors – prospective or established – in all disciplines.

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  • Translation 4

    Translation 4

    The Principles and Methodology of Translation 4

    The Principles and Methodology of Translation part four is only held onlineExperienced editor and Visiting Professor in translation four has provided a highly useful guide for translation student and authors of academic books. Translation students and authors are very competent in their specialism; however, they may encounter problems in negotiations in their first translation and publication with the publisher, in presenting their material in book form, etc. This course shares the broad competence on all the stages of translation, writing and editing academic books. Often translation students and the academicians have trouble answering the question ‘Should I write or translate a book?’ the principles in the counseling and mentoring sessions in translation part four erases all doubt. This course helps students raise their self-esteem, and fosters translation career development. Thereafter this course leads the translation students and the authors through the process of real translation and writing in the direction of entrepreneurship.

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