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The Principles and Methodology of Translation 4

The Principles and Methodology of Translation part four is only held onlineExperienced editor and Visiting Professor in translation four has provided a highly useful guide for translation student and authors of academic books. Translation students and authors are very competent in their specialism; however, they may encounter problems in negotiations in their first translation and publication with the publisher, in presenting their material in book form, etc. This course shares the broad competence on all the stages of translation, writing and editing academic books. Often translation students and the academicians have trouble answering the question ‘Should I write or translate a book?’ the principles in the counseling and mentoring sessions in translation part four erases all doubt. This course helps students raise their self-esteem, and fosters translation career development. Thereafter this course leads the translation students and the authors through the process of real translation and writing in the direction of entrepreneurship.

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