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Advanced Plus Course


Advanced plus level is in four terms and is only held online. Online Speakers at the Advanced Plus level perform all Advanced-level tasks with academic and professional ease, confidence and competence.

Payampersa Translation Word List Software


Welcome to Payampersa Translation Management System (PTMS).PTMS is a system application for maintaining, delivering, and tracking translation resources. Payampersa Translation Word List (PTWL) is a Microsoft Access-Based Software as an auxiliary appendix for PTMS. Use  Payampersa Translation Word List new software everywhere you write and translate. It has been designed for translators to define, write, translate, edit and revise translation projects. Translators can use this translation companion to increase translation productivity and efficiency.


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New Translation Classes


We encourage translation students to sign up for the publishing notification service for this site. Use the Register link at the top of the home page for the site. In order to submit your projects and files please go to View Profile >> Roles >> Select your role as an Author. This way you can make submissions.
This registration will result in the student receiving the Table of Contents by email for each new issue of the site. This list also allows the site to claim a certain level of support or readership. See the site's Privacy Statement, which assures students that their name and email address will not be used for other purposes.

What does Loyalty mean in Translation


نیازی وفاداری در ترجمه به چه معناست. آیا مترجم باید به ترجمه واژه به واژه بپردازد و عین کلمات را به فارسی برگرداند یا همین که لحن و سبک نویسنده و محتوا را منتقل کند، کافی است؟ ...