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Superiority level is in four terms and is only held online. Online Speakers at the Superior level perform all Superior level tasks with academic and professional ease, confidence and competence. They are academically and professionally able to explain in detail and narrate fully, accurately and fluently in all time frames. In addition, Superior speakers handle Superior level tasks and can sustain performance at that level across a variety of academic and professional topics. They can provide a structured argument to support their opinions, and they construct hypotheses fluently. They can easily discuss various topics abstractly, especially those relating to their particular interests and profession and special fields of expertise, but in general, they are more comfortable discussing a variety of academic and professional topics conveniently. Superior speakers demonstrate a well-developed ability to compensate for an imperfect grasp of some forms or for limitations in vocabulary by the confident use of communicative strategies, such as paraphrasing, circumlocution, and illustration. They use precise academic vocabulary and intonation to express meaning and often show great fluency and ease of speech. When called on to perform the complex tasks associated with the Superior level over a variety of topics, their language will be fluently adequate and they never avoid the task altogether, for example, by resorting to simplification through the use of description or narration in place of argument or hypothesis.

Published: 2018-02-07