Teachers' Opinions


Payampersa online learning is significant in a number of ways in terms of information about (1) present situation of EFL education and mentoring (2) support, structure and activity of a mentoring relationship (3) EFL learners' preparation and development (4) the increase of the quality of EFL language learners' mentoring (5) documenting the mentoring requirements and procedures (6) the increase of the quality of language teaching and learning (7) the application of a mentoring companion software for further development (8) the types of feedback which are transferred between the learner and the teacher in terms of teachers’ performance specially in language skills, TOEFL and IELTS (9) the learner’s attitudes in terms of their practice before and after the application of the ppli.ir.

Dr. Dezhara (Ph.D in SLA) 

I like ppli.ir because in Payampersa Online Learning the learners can have different goals when performing in an L2, sometimes focusing primarily on accuracy, sometimes on complexity, and on other occasions on fluency.

Dr. Asgari

I have found Payampersa Online Learning’s atmosphere innovative and I was always supported by the administration. I think that an innovative climate has utmost importance in the realization of an innovation. Factors such as the trust between the administrators and staff, shared objectives and vision, participative problem solving and decision-making processes, supporting creativity and risk-taking increase the innovation level of ppli.ir. It has a climate which is open to innovation it is also good at implementing innovations compared to other online learning structures which have a less innovative climate. I trust in ppli.ir online learning because its educational system is very centralized. the principals, teachers and students are appointed to their posts centrally with objective decisions.

Dr. Kiyan Pishkar