نظرات دانشجویان دوره های متوسطه کلاسهای نحوه ثبت نام آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی پیام پرسا


First of all, I should say although this type of learning English is so interesting, it makes me work harder and take time more to improve my level and I think this way has affected my English knowledge. Of course, online learning changes the way that students of all types and ages interact with and get more information and increases access to education for many different types of people.

I actually recommend online learning for those who have less time for getting in a classroom like me because I can learn any time of my choice which depends on my free time.

I feel this exercise made me realize my grammatical mistakes and work on my weaknesses and of course, my strengths because I was able to do a lot of practice and repetition and transcribing helped me to memorize the text so much better, in fact, I can concentrate more on my fluency and accuracy.

At least my feedback on this exercise is very positive and influential and it’s a new experience that makes me work harder and use my wasted time as well as I can.
M. Baghbani IELTS Student

First of all, I had a great professor, I think all you want from an institute at first is a professional professor. A second point is that these levels helped me increase and improve my understanding which is one of our most important expectations. Also, these online courses increased my accuracy and fluency too. It has always been very important to me.
F. Atayee 

First of all, if you ask me about my online term, I would tell you that the course was great. A second point is,  my Speaking test in both the Mid-term and Final term were fantastic. Actually, my class Activity was also excellent and I delivered all the Reports. Last but not least, the best point was about my teacher. The point I'm trying to make is Dr. Beigi is the best teacher I have ever seen.
M. Banayee

Online Upper-Intermediate was a term full of energy and enthusiasm. It made us active and think more creatively in the classroom. Secondly, the atmosphere in the class is exciting and everything just goes alright in order to help you to learn English better and more accurately. A third significant point is that the teacher and especially the teaching process are very helpful, so it creates a happy zone for you to learn English at the best quality in our classes.
M. R. Esmaeil Pour

My online learning in upper intermediate is a very good course to learn English and I have learned lots of things such as a lot of active words. The second point is that the upper intermediate part two has very good readings. when I read them I learned how to write theories. Through my course, I acquired how to use future forms, hot verbs, questions and negatives, and stuff like those. Last but not least, in the upper intermediate part two, I had a good class activity because I wrote all my reports and worked hard on vocabulary tests.
A. H. Aghaee.

ppli.ir is  an online English language learning site of Payampersa English Language Institute. You can speak English with the best educational quality on this site. Working with this site is very easy and will not be difficult for you. One of the best features of this site is that you can set the class time yourself. I am really satisfied with this feature. I definitely suggest you to visit this site and take full advantage of its excellent facilities.
Ali Atayee

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