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Payampersa Online Teaching Professors

Dr. Ahmad R. Beigi (Ph.D in SLA) http://arbeigi.ir/articles/

ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-5326-3504

Dr. Nasrin Shams (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Kiyan Pishkar (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Sahar Najarzadegan (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Bahram Dehghanpour (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Majid Asgari (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Salman Dezhara (Ph.D in SLA)
Dr. Maraym Shirzad (Ph.D in SLA)


The online teachers in Payampersa meet the professional teaching standards and have academic credentials in the feld in which they are teaching. Our Professional teaching standards include teaching requirements specifc to teaching online.
Payampersa Online Teaching Professors are able to demonstrate best practices in the online classroom. They demonstrate knowledge of the subject area(s) and pedagogy appropriate for learners. They
 also hold credentials in the feld of study he or she is teaching and they have valid teaching certifcates and are highly qualifed.